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Multimedia Production

The most effective way to demonstrate a product or a service or to promote tourism in an area is to show people images and video that have a high impact on them. Recent years have revolutionized multimedia development.

With new video compression and streaming technologies it's possible to fit movies into websites, create 360 degrees panoramic images and much more.

Computers are becoming a major part of people's lives as they now spend more time using them as a source of information, taking the place which books, newspapers, magazines and television used to hold.

The main reason for the continuing growth and popularity of computer based information resources over more traditional methods is that it gives people flexibility to select, or search, the parts of the content which are most appropriate for them without wasting time viewing all the material in a whole television programme or book.

The DVD, Digital Versatile Disc, replaced VHS tapes on the market. Not just for the quality of the video and the sound, but also because it allows interaction with the content.

Multimedia presentations are the best way to promote your products, your services and your business. AWMP Creative Media produce movies and presentations on DVD and the internet, using the latest technologies, to make sure you get exactly what you want.




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