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Web Application Development in Cornwall

It used to be a major event to book a holiday. Often it meant you having to spend ages getting to the Travel Agent, waiting in a queue to be seen and then finding that it had taken so long that the holiday you wanted was no longer available.

Online booking of services, like train and plane transportation, buses and ferries, even subway tickets in many cities, has reduced the time people need to spend queuing for services; giving them more time for the other things in their lives.

Credit card transactions are now safer because they are managed by banks and payment service providers who make use of secure servers to collect payments from online customers, giving you the security of knowing that your credit card information is not available to the owners of each individual website which you use.

AWMP Creative Media can create full credit card enabled, online booking engines and integrate them (subject to system compatibility) to the software you have for managing your business.




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